If you are a student, there are chances that you are planning to have your first credit card. Credit cards can be a great convenience but if you are applying for a credit card for the first time it can be a very intimidating task. The great number of credit cards available in the market can confuse a novice and make it hard to choose from. You can make a wrong decision due to your ignorance. Moreover, the technical terms could be very perplexing. The requirements for your first credit card varies from where you are in your life to what goal you want to achieve. Some credit cards are listed below that can be a good choice as your first credit card.

Capital One Quicksilver One for Young Adults

Capital One Quicksilver One is probably the best option for young adults who are considering a credit card. This credit card is specially designed for young adults who don’t have an income source or a credit history. The first credit limit may not be very high but if you pay first five monthly fees on time, your credit limit can increase.

The most important feature of this credit card deal is the rewards it offers. As a young adult getting rewards on each purchase might be the feature you’ll love the most.

  • Rewards Earning – 1.5%
  • Purchase APR – 24.99%
  • Annual fee – $39

Discover it for Students

This credit card deal has been especially targeted on students. It is a good initiative for your long-term career if you learn to control your finances as a student. Discover helps students in becoming more responsible. One special feature that was added for students is that they can earn $20 if they maintain their GPA up to 3.0 each year.

  • Rewards Earning – 5% in special categories and 1% on every purchase
  • Purchase APR – no APR for initial 6 months after that it ranges from 13.99% to 22.99%
  • Annual fee – no annual fee

Bank of America Travel Rewards for Students

If you travel a lot then this credit card can be beneficial to you. Among the travel and cash back credit offers available in the market, this is the one that comes with most perks. If you make $1,000 of purchases in the first ninety days then you can earn 20,000 bonus points as a reward.

  • Rewards Earning – 1.5 % per dollar
  • Purchase APR – 0% for the first 12 billing cycles

Chase Freedom for Recent Graduates

This credit card is designed for the students who have just entered the professional life and are saving to pay off their student’s loan. You can earn $150 as a sign-up bonus if you spend $500 in the initial three months after the opening of the account.

  • Rewards Earning – 5% in special categories if you spend $1,500 and 1% on all purchases
  • Purchase APR – 0% for the first fifteen months after that it ranges from 15.99% to 24.74%
  • Annual fee – no annual fee