As we know, Florida is a famous tourist place. Orlando is one of the famous part of Florida which attracts more visitors. This place is the heart of Florida. It consists of many theme parks which attracts not only the children but also their parents and other local or other visitors. The amusements parks at Orlando are the major attraction.  Disney World is the most talk-about places in the world. Epcot, Universal Studios Florida and various other water parks add beauty to the tourism of this place. Florida is setting a new record every year for the number of visitors at their place.

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios is one the popular theme parks located in Orlando, Florida. After Disney World, Universal is the one which attracts the visitors. This destination covers two extremely entertaining theme parks, 4 big hotels and a lavish City Walk Complex.

Not only that, but in the vicinity of this wonderful location in Orlando, there are many other great diversions nearby. And while you are in the area visiting Universal Studios, you can check out the excellent water park nearby known as Wet ‘N Wild.

As you can imagine, the theme parks at Universal Studios Florida are not nearly as big as those at Disney World. But, they are pretty huge and definitely spectacular in their own way. There’s nothing to worry about if you are trying to make comparisons between the two. As a matter of fact, this fun-filled vacation destination is going to be a blast for you and your family.

Attractions and Rides at Universal Studios Florida

Although, this theme park is not big as Disney world, but it is very famous for its unique rides and variety of entertainment. Specially the rides are attractive and entertaining. The rides are named and displayed with reference to many famous Hollywood fantasy movies like Harry Potter, Spider man, Transformers, Minions and lots more. Let’s name a few:

  • The Incredible Hulk Coaster
  • Men in Black Alien Attack
  • Harry Potter and the forbidden journey
  • Amazing adventures of Spiderman
  • Revenge of Mummy
  • Doom’s Fearfall
  • Simpsons Ride
  • Transformers – the 3D ride
  • And many more

There are more than 25 rides and lots of attraction in Universal Studios Florida. These rides are not only meant for kids. But they are made for people of all ages. The crowd here is a mix of kids, teenagers and older children. The fun here gears everyone to enjoy these rides and have full enjoyment. Unlike Disney World, this place is a complete entertainment for all aged people. Disney is typically made for the entertainment and fun for small kids.

The place offers entry tickets for all but according to the age

  • For the kids under 2 years of age – the entry is free.
  • For children between age of 3 to 9 – entry at a reduced price ticket.
  • Children above 10 years of age – Full tickets

Planning vacation in Florida is a little expensive but still Universal Studios Florida makes it cheaper for the fun of kids. If you compare the prices from other theme parks, you will find it far cheaper than them.