Nestled between Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation which is off-late, making its presence felt on the map of tourism. From the Angkor period till 15th century to the mighty Khmer empire which laid the foundation of modern-day Cambodia, this is a country which boasts of a very long and interesting history. The monuments and shrines built by the different rulers and dynasties over numerous centuries stand tall in Cambodia even today, telling tales of the era bygone.

Chaotic yet charismatic, Cambodia is no more a nation caught up in its bloodied past; it is a country which beguiles visitors with its plethora of tourist attractions and activities. The best way to go about romancing this fascinating country is by indulging in these 3 must-have adventures in Cambodia-

  1. Cycling and Biking

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Cambodia is a land which is blessed with ample low-lying plains, making it an ideal place to go on a cycling tour. The wide array of naturally beautiful locations and historical heritage sites in Cambodia are best explored on cycles and bikes. With affordable cycles and bikes easily available for rent, one can embark upon a cycling adventure in this country without much of a hassle. If you are not confident about setting out on your own, you can participate in one of the many cycling tours which are accompanied by professional guides and include a little bit of adventure, sight-seeing, heritage, pilgrimage, culture, and entertainment.

2. Cruising and Boating

Hopping aboard the traditional Khmer style boats and cruising through the waterways is one activity that is the defining characteristic of any Cambodia trip. The best way to get steeped in the history and culture of Cambodia, these boats are used for local commute in the country. An unmissable experience here is floating down River Mekong on the Toum Tiou! Available from numerous locations like Tonle Sap, Kompong Cham, Kratie and Stung Treng, use this trip planning website to book a cruise in Cambodia today!

3. Exploring and Hiking

Housing a huge variety of culturally and historically significant temples and monuments, a trip to Cambodia is incomplete without exploring these iconic landmarks and ruins. Preah Khan, Ta Prohm, Bayon temple, and Baphuon Templeare are some of the unmissable heritage sites in Cambodia which are worth exploring. In addition, this country also houses numerous attractions like Battambang Bat Caves that are best experienced by hiking. Get travel planning in Cambodia to experience the best of culture, history and natural beauty at the earliest!

Soaked in history, brimming with beauty and captivating to the core, Cambodia lets your experience the rhythm of rural life as well as the adventures of the urban scene. Embark upon an exotic vacation to this fascinating land today!