Planning a tour is no easy feat but it becomes especially difficult if you are touring Dubai. Getting a perfect Dubai experience in a few days is really hard and you need to plan everything right to the last-minute. And of course, a Dubai experience is incomplete without a desert safari tour. Desert Safari Dubai offers you the most exquisite desert experiment of your life. The red dunes of the Arabian Desert are like no other in this whole world.

However, the problem arises when choosing the desert safari deals. Most people are unfamiliar with the territory they are venturing into and take the first safari deal the tourism company is offering. Later, they realize how wrong the deal was for them. Following are two of the most important things to consider when choosing a desert safari deal.

The Type of Camps

There are different types of camp on the desert which is mostly based on the size of the group. Almost all the tourism company offers public as well as private camp deals. Choose the one you are most comfortable with. Following are some of the basic camp types.

  • Shared Camps – Most tourism companies share a camp with other each other in order to reduce the cost of the package. These shared camps are really large that can accommodate as much as 300 people per night. If you are touring on a low-budget or just like to be around many people, then you should choose shared camps. But beware; your touring company probably does not have any control over the services such as food, hygiene or sleeping arrangements so you cannot complain.
  • Private Camps – Tourism companies also have private camps that are exclusively for their customers. Large private camps accommodate a few hundred tourists, on the other hand, small private camps accommodate a few people mostly below hundred. Choose large private camps if you like big gatherings and small camps if you want a quieter environment. Your tourism company will provide all the services and you’ll have the right to complain if you are unsatisfied with any of the service.
  • Private Set-ups – if you are uncomfortable with sharing your living space with other people, then you can reserve a private camp set-up as well. The camp will be exclusively for you. You should choose private set-ups if you are celebrating your wedding anniversary as the private camp provides a more intimate environment where you can spend quality time with your partner. However, the cost of this service is extremely high.

The Type of Drive

  • Dune Bashing – If you are adventurous, then you should choose dune bashing drives when touring the desert. An SUV takes you to the campsite and the ride is 30 minutes of pure adrenaline rush as the car takes dangerous and bumpy roads. But no need to worry, the car has safety gears and supervised by professionals.
  • Wildlife Safari – You can also choose wildlife safari rides which are safer. They take longer to get to the campsite but the ride itself is tranquil and comfortable.