Spending one’s holiday is the most anticipating things for anyone. They need to choose the place to be at and also choose the accommodation. A place that has gained popularity in the recent year in Barbados. The culture, lifestyle and luxury retreats have made it a coveted place among people. One can book any of the luxury homes in Barbados to spend an amazing holiday. In the upcoming parts, everything about Barbados will be discussed. It is a place that should be visited by tourists who love to experience beachy destinations. So, let us hop right into knowing about the beautiful Island country of Barbados.

Where is Barbados Situated and Some Facts about the Country?

Barbados is an island country that is part of the Lesser Antilles which is situated in the Caribbean region of North America. The island is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The largest city in Barbados is called Bridgetown, and it is also the capital. Like most Caribbean islands, Barbados also has a rich history. The first inhabitants of the country were Amerindians and Kalinago people. But in the 15th century, Spain colonized the island. After that, the British captured the island in the 17th century. African slave trade was rampant in the country due to the rich sugar cultivation. The country took time till 1833 to get emancipated from the horrendous slave trade. Barbados gained its independence in 1966 and is a part of the Commonwealth Realm.

The small island country has an estimated population of 284,996, found in the recent survey. The predominant population of the island is of the African descent. It is one of the best tourist destinations around the world and flock of people visit it every year. The predominant religion of the place is Christianity. English is the official language, but the local’s converse in a language called Bajan in their daily lives. The name of the country is quite interesting as it means ‘the bearded ones.’ There are two seasons in Barbados: the wet season which continues from June to November and the dry season which continues from December to May. Barbados is a great place to experience the turtle population. The most notable ones are the loggerheads, leatherback and many others. It is also the home of the green monkey. The performer Rihanna hails from this beautiful country. Several festivals are held in the country every year.

Some places to visit in Barbados:

Of course, if someone is spending their money on holiday, then they will want to see the most beautiful things. So, keep on reading to get the best recommendation of beautiful places to visit in the island country of Barbados.

  • Bathsheba is a beautiful place to be in. The beaches are lined with natural rock formations which look exquisite. Along with that, the sea is blue and mesmerizing to look at. Also, nature lovers would find the Flower Forest and the Andromeda Tropical Botanical Gardens quite interesting. This is a must visit surfing destination of Barbados.
  • Hunte’s Gardens is a place for plant lovers. Delicately built by a horticulturist, it is stretched across 10 acres. There are several tropical plants that one can enjoy like palms, orchids, and crotons. Benches are well-placed so that people can sit and take in all the beauty.
  • Harrison’s Cave Tour is an interesting tour showcasing a crystallized limestone cave. The tour is held through a tram, and one gets to experience the natural delights. There is also a visitor center near the cave which displays artifacts belonging to Arawak Indians.
  • Crane Beach is known for its pink coral sands. It is quite famous among tourists because of its beauty and serenity. There are several well-known accommodations at the beach. One can enjoy a whole day at the beach and enjoy swimming as much as they want.
  • Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados, and it holds all the history. Any tourist has to visit the town to feel the colonial past of the island country. It is bustling with life and culture of the people. Along with visiting the museums and historic buildings, one can enjoy the food and lifestyle of the native people. The Synagogue which was built around 1650 is also a must visit site. Also, there is The Nidhe Israel Museum will portray the importance and history of Jewish people in Barbados.
  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a place to visit to see the wildlife present in the country. One can see tonnes of turtles who are native inhabitants. Other animals such as tropical birds, iguanas, the green monkey, deer and other animals can be seen along the path.
  • Farley Hill National Park has the memories of the sugar cane plantations of the past. The place is tied with a forest of mahogany trees that make the place spectacular. It is a natural sojourn that is perfect for a romantic picnic or even a wedding. Being a hilltop garden, one can get the beautiful view of the ocean and accompanying hills from the top.
  • Folkestone Marine Park showcases the beautiful oceanic life of Barbados. One can book a snorkeling or diving adventure at the place to get the best of it. The reef is quite beautiful, and one can take a boating tour to see its whole beauty.

So, here is a concise introduction to the beautiful island country of Barbados. There are lot more things to in the place than just enjoying the resorts. The island is beautiful and rich and tourists should enjoy it to the fullest. Also, an island safari tour can make someone journey more worthwhile.

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