When a person entered in adult stage he or she start dreaming about wedding day. What they wear on that day? Which vehicle they use? Where they arrange their ceremony? How they made their event unique? And much more…..


But when the time comes budget is the biggest challenge for everyone whether they have saved something or not.  So start wedding planning process to do all the arrangements best according to your limited budget. Whether it’s finding the perfect dress at a great price or securing a beautiful venue without breaking the bank, there are many costs to consider as the big day nears. When booking wedding transportation, it may seem the smart, economical choice is to reserve a ride only for the amount of time you are in the vehicle. While it may appear an easy way to save a few dollars, a point-to-point ride type is probably not the best ground transportation choice for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Point-to-point rides are a great option if you are traveling from one destination to another and don’t need to accommodate a lot of additional items such as gift or a wedding dress or multiple stops along the way. Hourly rides, on the other hand, are a great choice for special occasions where having more time and flexibility is desired. But point to point ride is economical than other and on the other hand you will not be able to avail other ride benefits which you enjoyed on hourly wedding limo service.


Many service providing companies offers some extra amenities to their clients to make their wedding day memorable. But these are provided to those clients who booked their ride on hourly basis. So clients choose point to point ride are unable to avail these.

  • Photo opportunity with the vehicle to commemorate the big day.
  • Chauffeur dressed in a tuxedo instead of a regular suit to better match the wedding party attire.
  • Celebratory sparkling wine toast in the vehicle following the wedding ceremony for a special moment between you and your groom.
  • Red carpet roll-out to make your arrival at the ceremony or reception more glamorous.
  • Bottled water and ice to keep you refreshed throughout the day.
  • “Just Married” magnet to publicly showcase your new bond.

And after all, it’s your special day that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Why risk booking the wrong ride type?

Toronto limo services are awaiting their clients to provide their outstanding services to their clients so don’t forget about special requests and in-vehicle amenities. When you book an hourly wedding limo, you have the option to include special requests such as a bottle of bubbly or decorations. When you reserve an hourly wedding limo you are also letting your driver know it’s a special day and they can work with you to truly roll out the red carpet for you. Chauffeurs are also very professional and you will feel happy when they best serve you and your guests. But also don’t forget to give them a tip if you are satisfied with their services.