With many people today tightening their budgets and not wanting to spend too much money travelling, the domestic tourism market in Australia is seeing a rise with citizens wanting to spend more time in their country of residence. This is particularly true for those on the island of Tasmania. The citizens of the city Launceston in particular like to travel to Sydney, this is probably due to the fact that the flight is only an hour and a half so travel from Launceston to Sydney is a fairly simple process.

With 4 flights per day operating between these two destinations, it may seem like there’s not so many people interested in flights from Launceston to Sydney, but there are many who enjoy a weekend trip to Sydney. Flights can be booked through Flight Centre, Totally Australia Flights or directly with the airline. The weeks are taken up by business people and their flights to the Sydney central business district and back again. Launceston is a steadily thriving hub for economic power in the north of Tasmania and it’s steadily seeing a rise in international visitors too.

Around 25 percent of international visitors to Launceston come from the United Kingdom, which seems fitting as Launceston is named after Launceston in Cornwall, England. One of Launceston’s major tourist attractions is Cateract Gorge, situated on the lower end of the South Esk River, the earliest European visitor to Cateract Gorge was British Naval officer and Tasmanian colonist William Collins who discovered the entrance in 1804.

Travel from Launceston to Sydney usually occurs via the airport, with the number one destination from the airport being Melbourne as it’s just across the Bass Strait. The second is of course Sydney. Sydney is probably the most famous city in Australia that’s known to internationals, if asked to name a landmark of Australia, people will inevitably come up with the Sydney Opera House, that will probably be mostly all they know of Australia.

The number of passengers that travel from Launceston to Sydney through Launceston Airport is numbered at around the 250,000 mark. That’s yearly and many of them could be international tourists on a connecting flight. There’s also the option of getting on a ferry to Melbourne and renting a car and driving to Sydney, but this option is for those who really like driving. Most people will always fly because its easier, a lot quicker and for the most part, a lot cheaper than taking the long way round.

You might be wondering why people who live in Launceston would want to go to Sydney, Launceston is a city and people are content to live there, so why should they even think about taking a trip to Sydney? Well, the first and foremost reason is business. Sydney is the major economic centre of Australia, equal to that of Wall Street in New York City, so that’s a major reason why Launceston citizens visit Sydney. The other reasons are simply because Sydney is a much bigger city than Launceston is, there’s a lot more to attract people who live in a relatively small city like Launceston.

There are some people who live in Launceston that dream of living in Sydney, the big city, where it all happens and so take as many trips there as they can to just soak up the atmosphere that Sydney inherently has. Sydney is a perfect getaway for those looking to escape Launceston for the weekend too, there’s much to do in Launceston but Sydney has something that Launceston doesn’t: Easy beach access.

Of course, you could drive to the East Beach, but that’s the closest surfing Beach to Launceston and if you want a real surfing experience, nothing beats the beaches of Sydney. Bondi and Coogee are the two most famous beaches and they fill up with tourists, both international and domestic, every summer. So the answer to the question of whether people travel from Launceston to Sydney? The answer is a resounding yes.